Recommended Journals

Recommended On-line Journals

These journals are also in print and require a subscription. Some of the past issues of these journals are archived on these sites and can be viewed online or downloaded at no charge.

The Masters Seminary Journal
Written mostly by professors from The Masters Seminary, including John MacArthur, this journal deals with contemporary issues from a scholarly conservative and dispensational viewpoint.

The Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary Journal
The articles in this journal are written from a Baptist and often dispensational perspective. They are very conservative and helpful for understanding issues facing the Church today.

Journal of Dispensational Theology

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary: Journal of Theology                                                                                                                     Extensive articles on a host of topics written by conservative authors from a variety of theological viewpoints. Readers must be discerning.

Tyndale Bulletin                                                                                                         Articles from Tyndale House, UK
These articles reflect a variety of theological positions. Some are useful and many must be read with caution. They are posted here for reference purposes and are not endorsed by Servantsplace. org

Galaxie Software

This site offers contents of the following Journals for an annual subscription fee of $50.00

These journals provide the most extensive number of articles on a wide variety of subjects available anywhere. They are recommended for Pastors, Seminary and Bible College Professors and Bible Teachers who desire an in-depth background for sermons and class studies. Readers must be very discerning when consulting articles from some of the following journals. Some scholars approach the Scriptures from a source critical viewpoint and others are writing for the review of and response to other scholars which will yield little or not benefit for the non-academic reader.

Theological Journals included with subscription:

  • Ashland Theological Journal
  • Bible and Spade
  • Bibliotheca Sacra
  • Central Bible Quarterly
  • Chafer Theological Seminary Journal
  • Christian Apologetics Journal
  • Conservative Theological Journal
  • Conspectus
  • Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal
  • Emmaus Journal
  • Faith and Mission
  • Global Journal of Classical Theology
  • Grace Journal
  • Grace Theological Journal
  • Journal of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
  • Journal of Christian Apologetics
  • Journal of Dispensational Theology
  • Journal of Family Ministry
  • Journal of Ministry and Theology
  • Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
  • Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society
  • Maranatha Baptist Theological Journal
  • Masters Seminary Journal
  • Michigan Theological Journal
  • Priscilla Papers
  • Puritan Reformed Journal
  • Reformation and Revival
  • Reformed Baptist Theological Review
  • Southeastern Theological Review
  • Southern Baptist Journal of Theology
  • Trinity Journal
  • Tyndale Bulletin
  • Westminster Theological Journal

Major Evangelical Christian Seminaries and Colleges also have a good selection of academic and Bible reference resources. Some of these would include: The Masters Seminary, Dallas Theological Seminary, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Wheaton College (Biblical and Theological Studies Department) and Moody Bible Institute.