Outline of Micah

Basic Outline

Title (Superscription) 1:1

1:2-2:13..God’s Judgment on the Residents 1:2-2:11…Future Rescue of the Remnant 2:12-13

3:1-5:15..God’s Judgment on the Rulers 3:1-2………..Future Reign of Righteousness 4:1-5:15

6:1-7:20..God’s Judgment on the Ruthless 6:1-7:7……Future Relationship with the Ruler 7:8-20

Detailed Outline

I 1:1 Title (Superscription)

II  Message One: 1:2-2:13 God’s Judgment on the Residents and Future Rescue of the Remnant

1. 1:2-7 God’s Judgment Coming to Israel and Judah
a. 1:2 God’s Call to Hear Him
b. 1:3-4 God’s Coming to the Earth
c. 1:5 The Reason for God’s Judgment
d. 1:6-7 The Result of God’s Judgment

2. 1:8-16 Micah’s Mourning over the Coming Judgment
a. 1:8-9 Micah’s Wailing for the Citizens of Judah
b. 1:10-16 Micah’s Warning for the Cities of Judah

3. 2:1-11 The Wickedness of the Wayward
a. 2:1-5  The Prosperous who Plunder
b. 2:6-11 The Prophets who Pervert

4. 2:12-13 The Rescue of the Remnant
a. 2:12 The Remnant Bound Fast
b. 2:13 The Rescuer Breaks Free

III Message Two: Zion 3:1-5:15 God’s Judgment on the Rulers and the Future Reign of Righteousness

1. 3:1-12 Judgement on the Rulers and Prophets
a. 3:1-4 The Brutality of the Rulers
b. 3:5-8 The Blindness of the Prophets
c. 3:9-11 The Bribery of the People
d. 3:12 Result: The Bareness of Zion

2. 4:1-5:15 The Blessed Future Messianic Kingdom
a. 4:1-8  The Conditions of the Kingdom
b. 4:9-5:1 The Circumstances before the Kingdom
c. 5:2-5a  The Champion of the Kingdom
d. 5:5b-9  The Control of the Kingdom
e. 5:10-15 The Cleansing of the Kingdom

IV Message Three: 6:1-7:20 God’s Judgment on the Ruthless and the Future Relationship with the Ruler

1. 6:1-5 God’s Charge to His Covenant People

2. 6:6-8 Micah’s Command to the Chastised People

3. 6:9-16 God’s Condemnation of His Contemptuous People
a. 6:9-12 The Catalog of Their Sins
b. 6:13-16 The Consequences of Their Sins

4. 7:1-7 The Transgressions of Judah
a. 7:1-6 The People who Sin
b. 7:7 The God who Saves

5. 7:8-20 The Confession and Forgiveness of Sins
a. 7:8-13 The People Confess Their Sins
b. 7:14-20 God Forgives and Removes Their Sins