Best Internet Sites

The websites listed below are not suggested for casual viewing. They are destinations for serious study. Every site has been carefully chosen for its selection of resources and commitment to the inspiration, infallibility and inerrancy of the Scriptures. They are trusted sites with conservative and evangelical content. These sites contain articles, e-texts, and Bible messages that can be downloaded for further study. Many have video resources for on-line viewing and downloading if you have sufficient hard drive space.

The sites are simply listed alphabetically which should not be understood as an order of importance or value . These sites will be of use for all Christians. Some will be more academic and others more devotional. Major Sites by well known Evangelical leaders, pastors and teachers have a link on the One Place Web Site (see link below).

Mega Sites with an impressive number of resources:

Believers Chapel
Featuring the expository teaching of the late Dr. S. Lewis Johnson and current Bible teacher Mr. Dan Duncan and other guest speakers. Visiting this site is like listening in on a Bible College classroom. Audio messages in mp3 format covering most books of the Bible can be downloaded free of charge.

Bible Gateway
This site has all the most recommended Bible versions for reading, studying, word and text search and for side-by-side comparison. The word search is very quick and shows the complete verse and can show up to 500 verses at a time in which the word searched is found. Entire Bible passages in different versions can be also compared side-by-side for study purposes. This site contains several on-line Inter-Varsity Press New Testament commentaries, classic (old vintage) commentaries, on-line audio Bibles in several versions, Bible dictionaries, lexicons for Greek and Hebrew word studies, a Bible Study on-line forum and other valuable resources.

Bible .org is an outstanding site for study with thousands of resources. The site contains audio messages, videos, books and articles, an Internet Bible version called the Net Bible, and many other valuable resources. Many of the site’s contributors are graduates of Dallas Theological Seminary but several have a more reformed theological background. There are new resources posted on this site every week. Several full length books and commentaries are posted for downloading. Books, printed copies of the Net Bible and other resources can be purchased from this site.

Blue Letter Bible
This site hosts excellent Bible teaching materials including commentaries, books, audio and video resources, study tools, devotionals, and many more features including links to sites that have extensive resources such as The Word for Today which is the online and radio teaching ministry of Pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa, California. Many Bible courses are also offered online by the Blue Letter Bible Institute which can be accessed through the Blue Letter Bible website.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
The CCEL website is like having a Christian classical library in the next room. It is a site where otherwise hard to find texts are available for online viewing or for downloading in a selected number of formats. Servants of the Lord will want to refer to this site often to choose books for study that are often deeper in content and filled with more nuggets of gold than those being mass produced in today’s fast paced marketplace.
This is a very extensive commercial site with an wide array of resources for Bible studies and Christian growth. It contains news and information features with items of interest spanning a variety of Christian theological viewpoints. Reader discretion is advised. The site also hosts a choice of reference tools including dictionaries, commentaries, lexicons, encyclopedias, concordances, study Bibles, articles, resources for sermon preparation, Bible study lesson preparation and daily devotionals
Desiring God is a site presenting the Bible expository teaching of Dr. John Piper. Audio messages from the beginning of his pastorate at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota are available for downloading at no charge. Videos of many of his recent messages are available for online viewing or for downloading. Conference messages during the past several years are also available in audio and many in video format. Dr Piper’s sermon manuscripts and many of his books are available for viewing online in an Adobe .pdf format. The site has many other resources including a daily blog, a question and answer feature which leads to a host of theological and other biblical articles. Dr. Piper’s books and other resources can be purchased at Amazon. Dr. Piper is a decidedly calvanistic and reformed author who holds to a historic pre-millennial viewpoint which includes the post-tribulation rapture of the Church.

Investigating Faith
Investigating Faith is a site hosted by well known author and Christian apologist, Lee Strobel, who has authored several books including, The Case for Christ, The Case for Faith and The Case for a Creator. This site has many videos for online viewing which would be suitable for use in the local church for a seekers class or for evangelistic outreach

Lambert Dolphin’s Library
This is a personal online library shared with Christians around the world. Lambert Dolphin has accumulated a wealth of articles for viewing or downloading. His comprehensive links section is a major portal to the best of Christian resources on the Internet. Some of the content on this site is unique including a book of prophecy he has authored along with Ron Graff which is available for free download.

One Place
One Place is well named as it is a portal where the best of Christian teaching sites are posted for easy access. The sites of respected Bible teachers are featured including Kay Arthur, James Dobson, Michael Easley, Chip Ingram, David Jeremiah, Erwin Lutzer, John MacArthur, Beth Moore, John Piper, Adrian Rogers, Charles Stanley, Chuck Swindoll, Ravi Zacharias and many more. Mp3 audio copies of recent messages are available as well as links to archived messages for downloads of entire series. A few offer free downloads while most require a small fee. Some sites have video archives such as the chapel services of Dallas Theological Seminary.

Precept Ministries
Precept Ministries has made it possible for Christians to understand the Bible through the time tested method of inductive Bible studies. Kay Arthur and her staff have produced a number of excellent in-depth Biblically based resources for all desiring to gain a deeper relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ through the study of His word. Kay is recognized world wide as a leader in developing group training classes. Kay appears daily on various Christian television and radio outlets and on the Internet at Many of Kay’s books including her new Inductive Study Bible can be purchased from the Precept Ministries website.

Precept Austin
The Precept Austin Website is not directly connected with Precept Ministries. This site contains a vast number of in-depth Bible studies including some which are like full length commentaries. Many links to fine Christian Bible teaching sites are also available. This is an excellent and highly recommended resource for all Pastors and Bible teachers. The theological viewpoint of this site is pre-millennial and pre-tribulational.

Radio Bible Class: now Our Daily Bread.Org
Many Christians have been using the devotional “Our Daily Bread” and have listened to the radio messages of the Radio Bible Class for decades. Originating with M.R. De Haan , followed by Richard De Haan and now by Mart De Haan, the extended ministries of the Radio Bible Class is available on the Internet for anytime use around the world. A significantly valuable ministry is RBC’s Christian Courses: which offers excellent online courses for anyone wanting to better understand the Bible and the Christian life. Courses can be taken in a prescribed format leading to a certificate or can be taken solely for personal growth. Fees are charged for each course.

The Ray C. Stedman Library
Charles Swindoll credits Ray Stedman as being one of his most significant mentors. Ray’s legacy is continually bearing fruit for anyone wanting an outstanding source for Bible teaching. The website is a virtual library of expository teaching covering a wide range of Biblical texts and topics. The website describes its mission as: “It is the sole mission of Ray to preserve and expand an exhaustive library of Ray’s messages and books so that this rich legacy of authentic Christianity might be passed on to a new generation, for the glory of God and the building up of the body of Christ. ” is another extensive site similar to but with a more contemporary look. This site also hosts a wide range of Bible study resources and many other features of interest to all members of the family. As with many sites of this type, a variety of Christian viewpoints are expressed and readers must be discerning when using these materials for Bible study purposes.
With its feet firmly planted in the reformed theological tradition, is a treasure chest of Biblical resources. An almost unlimited number of on line e-texts, articles, sermons, audio messages, audio teaching from seminary classes, books from past theologians and today’s most well known reformed authors and speakers are available for download or on-line use. The site has an significant on-line book store for those wanting printed resources for the home or church library. Readers must be discerning when using materials from this site as most resources are from authors or preachers who are amillennial in their eschatalogical viewpoint.

Selected Sites for Bible Teaching and Personal Growth

Although not posted in the mega-site category the following sites are highly recommended due to their valuable contribution to the Christian Church in providing in-depth Bible teaching and resources for personal growth.

Answers in Genesis
Answers in Genesis is devoted to the literal six day creation model as recorded in the opening pages of the Book of Genesis. This Website provides a Biblical foundation for a young earth in opposition to the billions of years aged earth postulated by evolutionists and many Christians who believe in an old earth model that they see as balancing the so-called scientific evidence with their view of the Biblical evidence.

This Website will challenge the reader to consider the evidences both in Scripture and in science that point conclusively to a literal six day creation of the earth by God.

Bible Research
Michael D. Marlowe hosts this very useful site for background research into the text of the Bible including detailed information on the history of the canon, texts and versions of the Scriptures. Extensive reviews of each English Bible Version are presented as well as resources for the study of the Hebrew of the Old Testament and the Greek of the New Testament. A significant section of this website deals with Biblical interpretation. Although this site may have more appeal to serious Bible students and academics, those who do not have a formal Biblical education will find the time spent investigating these resources to be well worth the effort. Readers must be aware that this site presents materials from a reformed and almillennial viewpoint.

Future Israel Ministries
This site contains many excellent articles and full length books written by the site’s host, Dr. Barry Horner, author of Future Israel, B & H Publishing Group. Some of these books include full length commentaries on Nehemiah, Selected Psalms, Zechariah, Gospel of John, and Epistles to the Romans, Galatians, and to the Hebrews. Other significant books written by Dr. Horner and available for online viewing are A Comprehensive Outlined Commentary on the Pilgrim’s Progress, The Attributes of God, Bible Introduction 101 and many other shorter works. Dr. Horner has made a significant contribution to the doctrine of eschatology which deserves more attention and careful consideration by Christian academics, pastors, teachers and by any who are serious about the study of the Bible.

Institute for Creation Research
Founded by Dr. Henry Morris, the Institute for Creation Research is a defender of the literal view of the creation by God of the world and the universe in six twenty-four hour days. The website has many articles on the defense of the young earth viewpoint and many other features including an online certificate program and a resident based graduate school in sciences. A Masters of Christian Education degree is available through the School of Biblical Apologetics program of the ICL.

Joshua Project
Undoubtedly, the Joshua project is one of the most significant Christian missions ministries available in the world. Among its many resources it keeps Christians up to date on the challenges of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world’s unreached peoples groups which this site claims is almost 7,000 in number. This site should be used along with the Operation World latest edition publication so that Christians can effectively pray for the millions who have yet to hear of the life changing and eternal saving message of Jesus Christ. Many visit this site each day to keep up to date.

Northwestern Theological Seminary Library
The Online Christian Library hosted by Northwestern Theological Seminary contains many Christian books in the Adobe .pdf format. These books are in the public domain and many are many decades old but some will still be of benefit to the discerning reader.

Revive Our Hearts
Nancy Leigh DeMoss is the host and Bible teacher of this ministry for women. Nancy also presents a daily radio program also called Revive Our Hearts. This is a “must visit” site for women which includes the audio and written text of Nancy’s daily radio program, study guides, audio and print resources including her best selling book, Lies Women Believe, published by Moody Publishers.

Sonic Light .Com
Sonic Light is wonderful resource for the Bible student. Over 7,000 pages of commentary notes on every book of the Bible by Dr. Thomas L. Constable of Dallas Theological Seminary are available for free download. Many of these commentary notes are updated each year by Dr. Constable. These notes are available in the Adobe .pdf format as well as formatted for PDA, Palm and Pocket PC. Bible outlines on every book of the Bible by James Van Dine are also available for free download. Many mp3 messages by Dr. Constable recorded during Bible class sessions of Plano Bible Chapel of Plano Texas are available for download. CD sets of the notes and audio mp3 lessons can also be purchased to help support this site.
This Bible teaching site contains many in-depth resources that are presented from a dispensational, pre-tribulational, and pre-millennial viewpoint. An almost exhaustive commentary on Revelation by Dr. Tony Garland is available for free download as are all the other articles and teaching resources posted on the site. CD’s containing all of the site’s Bible teaching materials are available free of charge including mailing to all who request them. The site also has an extensive number of links to Christian web sites. Teaching resources include classroom audio and written class notes.
This is the audio ministry of Phil Johnson and Don Green who are the leaders of the Gracelife Ministry of Grace Community Church of Sun Valley California which has Dr. John MacArthur as its pastor. Phil Johnson is Executive Director of the Grace to You radio and online ministry and hosts a blog and other websites including the Spurgeon Archive and the Hall of Church History. Don Green is the pastor of the Gracelife Ministry and is the Managing Director of Grace to You. The Sword and Trowel website is a wonderful collection of biblically based sermons by these men recorded at Grace Community Church.

Voice of the Martyrs
Voice of the Martyrs is a deeply challenging ministry which apprises Christians of situations where there is persecution of Christians happening from all parts of the globe. This Website presents stories of death, torture and suffering by Christians who are following their Lord in preaching the Gospel and making disciples. The challenge is for Christians in more free cultures to get involved to aid those who are suffering through financial giving, prayer and personal involvement. This Website always reaches the heart of any who are committed to reaching a lost world for Christ.

9 Marks – Building Healthy Churches
Dr. Mark Dever is Senior Pastor at Capital Hill Baptist Church in Washington DC and founder of 9 Marks which is an on-line ministry to pastors featuring audio and printed materials. Interviews with church leaders and scholars are a appreciated resource of this site which will benefit all who listen in. One of the most valuable resources of the 9 Marks Website is the 9 Marks Journal in .pdf format which can be downloaded at no charge.

Top Blogs

What’s a blog?
A blog is a short form for a Web log or online journal. The host of a blog will usually post a statement or short essay about a topic and invite responses from visitors to the blog site. A blog is usually a public conversation in which previous comments from the beginning of the conversation can be viewed. In some cases earlier comments are archived so that only each day’s comments are posted on the face pace of the blog site.

You may think a blog hosted by a Christian for response by other Christians would be Christ centered and would be a published demonstration of the fruits of the Spirit. This however is not always the case. Some blogs allow venting of strongly (and often wrongly) held opinions. Blogs about theological opinions can sometimes contain comments bordering on sarcasm and bitter denunciation. Some of these blogs should contain a warning that even though topics about Christianity are being discussed some participants may not state their opinions in a very Christ like manner.

Yet blogs have a very important role within our post Christian society. They help many to articulate their thoughts about a current topic or event. Often blogs are the best means for some to have their views read by a wide audience. They also are an avenue for many who have never given much thought to a theological viewpoint to have their minds open to a much wider and divergent spectrum of ideas about the issue. Perhaps most importantly they are likely the best venues for the debate and sharpening of Christian apologetics. Christians who have a solid grasp of the truth of the Word of God should express their views openly on blog sites that have a wide audience. The blog sites listed below offer opportunities for Christians to become a vital voice in the conversation.


Pre-millennial Blogs

Recommended by

Team Pyro

Team Pyro or Pyromaniacs is a cutting edge blog hosted by Dan Philips  and Frank Turk with periodic input from Phil Johnson, (the blog’s founder and executive assistant to Dr. John MacArthur).  Dan Philips is the author of God’s Wisdom in Proverbs and The World-Tilting Gospel . The combination of timely comments and forthright challenges to doctrinal error provides a daily dose of “fighting for the right” by these commentators who will not back away from telling the truth nor do they yield to the pathetic practice of delicate dabbling in politically correct verbiage. The blog  includes a dose of Charles Spurgeon’s wisdom each Friday. This blog is not for the weak of heart. It is for those who stand firm for the truth of God’s Word.

Dr. Reluctant – The musings of a reluctant dispensationalist

This is the personal blog of Dr. Paul Martin Henebury who with wit and candor defends a consistent literal hermenutic of Biblical interpretation. Paul opposes those who would discredit and abuse an understanding of Scriptures that is contrary to its clear teaching on a future millennial reign of Christ and those who insist that the Old Testament can only be understood through the lens of the New Testament. This blog is lively, scholarly and always worth the visit.

Hip and Thigh: Fred Butler

Fred Butler comments on relevant and up to date  issues regarding a variety of topics from all things Biblical and theological.  He is a staunch defender of pre-millennialism and those who correctly handle the word of truth.  Fred always promotes a  theologically correct hermeneutic.

Note: All of the above blogs have links to other blogs worth visiting.

Reformed and amillennial Blogs lists the following two blogs because they contain many helpful resources and post daily informative and pertinent comments regarding issues facing Christianity. These blogs will keep the visitor up to date on conferences, new book releases, videos, debates and many other issues from a conservative reformed and mostly amillennial viewpoint. does not endorse the content of these blogs but discerning Christians will find them of benefit.

Justin Taylor: The Gospel Coalition:  Between Two Worlds

This is a very popular and informative Blog and Information Web Site that is well worth a visit for its content and links to Christian resources on the Internet. Current issues regarding Christianity are discussed on a daily basis. Links to many other reformed blogs and ministries are provided.

Tim Challies

Tim Challies is a pastor from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and  hosts a blog site where critical issues facing Christianity are discussed. He is a popular author and respected conference speaker. Tim’s book reviews are among the best on the Internet for Christian publications.