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Recommended by the Servants Place

There are a few extensive Web sites where reviews of published books relating to Christian books are posted. Among these sites are a few trusted resources that are highly recommended by the Servants Place: The first three are from writers who are generally dispensational in their hermeneutical perspective and pre-millennial in eschatological viewpoint.

  1. Books Reviews posted on the Dallas Theological Seminary Website

The book reviews are brief but give a sense of value for those who would use a book review to determine if purchasing a specific book is warranted and worth the expense.


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  1. Book Reviews published in the Masters Seminary Journal

The book reviews are contained in the latter section of each MTS Journal which are available in .pdf format for downloading.  These reviews have been written by professors of the MTS and others and are more academic in scope.  The books and commentaries reviewed are often those that would appeal to seminary students and graduates although many books would be of value for Pastors and teachers of a bible class.

  1. Selected Book Reviews from Dr. Reluctant:

A number of excellent book reviews are posted by Dr. Paul Martin Henebury. The Servants Place would recommend this trusted resource to any who are seeking to purchase books that will be of assistance to them in their growth and development in the Christian faith.  Many of Dr. Henebury’s helpful and insightful articles are posted on the Spirit and Truth Website

  1. Book Reviews by Tim Challies:

Tim Challies is the Pastor of Grace Fellowship Church in Toronto, Canada and a co-founder of Cruciform Press.  He is reformed in theology in amillennial in his eschatological viewpoint.  He has provided the Christian community with a great number of book reviews during the past several years that are in-depth and worthy of consideration by all who are seeking an extensive review before considering to buy a book.  The Servants Place would advise Christians to definitely use this book review resource as it is among the best available on the Internet.

  1. Book Reviews from the Themelios Journal:

The Themelios Journal would appeal to scholars and seminary students but not likely to the general public.  Many of the contributors to the Themelios Journal are covenant theologians with amillennail leanings.  However many of the Book reviews on Biblical Studies and commentaries published in the Journal are valuable in assisting the reader to determine if a specific printed work is worth purchasing.

It is a place where you can find resources to assist you in serving the Lord Jesus Christ.